HP Photosmart Premium Printer All-in-One Series

The HP Photosmart Premium Printer is ready to take on your printing needs. Get connected to the Internet and instantly customizable apps-the smooth, the intuitive touch screen makes it simple. Print instantly from anywhere, anytime, using any device with the HP TouchSmart digital printer.

Easily connect with your network using the one-button secure wireless installation. Use high-quality ink cartridges and top-of-the-line photo printing features to create easy, affordable, professional-quality prints. Save time and money with HP’s free photo-sharing programs and instant photo galleries.

Connect to the internet, wirelessly or through your network, the HP Photosmart Premium Printer lets you access your printer from anywhere. With a variety of functions and accessories, this printer can be customized to fit your every need.

HP Photosmart Premium Printer Best Quality Printing

HP Photosmart premium printer
HP Photosmart premium printer

You can use it to print pictures, posters, catalogs, flyers, or simply to create beautiful works of art with ink-jet quality printing that comes in two speeds: one per color and one per page. Use the HP Color Printing snaps mode for vivid, fast photo results and the Wireless Printer Setup option to bring your printer to life without being connected to the computer.

Capture special moments with the convenient HP I Picture software application and instantly print stunning images using the optional ink cartridge.

With compatible inkjet printers, you can print your digital images, text, and graphics with high quality and vibrant color shades. For maximum drying time and minimize bleeding, use the HP Color Printing snap mode. Or, for easy photo layering and customization, use the HP Color Drawing tool and adjust your images before printing.

Inkjet printers are also available with optional card readers for quick photo loading and printing.

HP Photosmart Premium Professional Graphic Artists

The HP Photosmart Premium printer is the perfect companion for professional graphic artists and hobbyists alike. These printers offer exceptional printing performance with the touch of a button. Plus, they’re easy to care for with the auto-cleaning mechanism and adjustable settings for durability and performance.

Most models have built-in dust cartridges so you don’t have to keep blowing the printer every time you wish to print. These printers are ideal for students, home users, and professionals.

For even greater photo quality, use the HP PhotoShop Pro software suite that includes everything you need to improve your photos from your desktop or laptop. This package features the award-winning HP Color Assist and Speed Layer features and gives you the tools you need to retouch and finish photos from any setting.

The package also includes the HP Image Mate software that will help you to upload images directly from your digital camera or your computer. This printer supports a wide range of photo enhancements, including photo-realistic effects for reduced image noise and reduced visual noise.

With these great features and functions, you’ll be surprised at how good your prints look, even on heavy paper. The HP Photosmart Premium printer is designed to give you high-quality prints that will last for years, even if you print often. This printer makes printing simple and easy for everyone, whether you need it for business or personal use.

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