HP Envy 4250 Setup: Troubleshooting Wireless Network Problems

Troubleshooting Wireless Network Problems on Your HP Envy 4250 Setup

HP Envy 4250 setup allows you to complete the entire setup. To achieve this, it is important to read this article. It will help you avoid any confusions and you can move on with your work. There are different ways you can accomplish the installation of new drivers in your printer.

Download HP Envy 4250 setup on to your computer. Open the downloaded setup file from the application software you are using. Now, go ahead with the basic driver installation procedure. Once installing the driver, select the connection setup method. Finally, load the additional drivers in the printer and finally print a document.

Download HP Envy 4250 Driver for Setup

The first step that you should follow to download HP Envy 4250 Printer Driver and setup is opening a new windows. In the new window, search for the “SETTINGS” tab. Select the “driver options” tab.

If you need the latest updates on the drivers, you can click the “Fortune updates” option. Once you have completed all the steps, you can close the window to start the whole process.

HP Envy 4250 setup
HP Envy 4250 setup

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Select the wireless network connection type. You may either connect via the wireless router or through the usb connection. In case of the wireless router option,.

you should check whether your router is working properly. If not, connect via the USB connection. Once done with this step, you can continue with step 3.

Setting Up the Device

After setting up the device, you should turn on the auto wireless setup. This will automatically set up the device after Windows has powered on. Now, connect the printer to the computer by using the USB cable. Then, you should check whether the printer is detected in the windows device manager. If it is, you can skip to the following step. Otherwise, continue with step 3.

Select the generic settings and then hit “OK”. In case you have reset the generic settings, you should choose “No”. Next, you should choose the printer driver that you want to install. In case you have already installed the HP Envy 4250 printer, you should choose the default driver that is displayed in the device’s manager. You can also choose the specific driver that you have modified or enhanced.

When you are done with all these steps, you should go back to the dashboard and then tap on “Start”. At this stage, you should find an icon on the right side of the home screen. Tap on it and you should see an option for “Network settings”.

Setting Local Area Connection

Now, you should tap on that and you should get a new “Local Area Connection” and then you should click on it to enter into the settings. Finally, you should put in the details of your wireless connection and then you should click on “finish”. As a result, you should have successfully set up the smart app for HP Envy 4250. Thus, you should be able to use the network in your home easily.

  • If you are not able to connect to the printer, then you should go to “Bluetooth Devices”. Then, you should click on the “scan” button and you should see an icon for “Bluetooth printer” and then you should tap on it. Then, you should click on “OK”. This will fix the issue about wireless issues in your computer.
  • If you find that the wireless printing device is not recognized by your operating system, then you should go to Control Panel. You should open the Control Panel and then you should click “print” and then you should click on “print settings”. Under the section for “printing drivers”, you should find the entry for HP Envy 4250 and you should click on it. Then, you should install the appropriate driver for the printer. If you have any issues in setting up the printer, you should contact HP support.
  • If you are having problems in the Wireless setup of the printer, then you should try to reboot it. Or, if this does not work, you should use the automated program “Printers and Faxes automatic update” to fix the printer problem. This program will scan your PC and will automatically update the drivers of your PC and will make sure that the wireless network connection of yours is setup. You can also scan your PC by using the built-in utilities of your HP printer drivers.

For a complete PDF guide for the HP Envy 4250 printer, you can see here : HP Envy 4250 Manual

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