HP Envy 120 Manual and Tips to Setup Printer

Tips to Set Up the HP Envy 120 Manual

HP Envy 120 Manual – If you are planning to purchase a HP Envy 120 printer, there are several steps involved in the entire process. You will be required to know few things like model number of an HP printer, wirings settings, connection type, etc.

Before you begin, make sure that you know exactly how you want to set up the HP Envy printer series 120. The following steps are for manual setup. If you prefer to install the printer with the help of some third-party software, then read the manual of that software before proceeding any further.

HP Envy 120 Manual and Tips to Setup Printer
HP Envy 120 Manual and Tips to Setup Printer

Manual HP Envy 120 Printer, steps mentioned in the installation guide

If you prefer to install the printer by using the installation CD, then follow all the steps mentioned in the installation guide carefully.

  • On the HP Envy series, it is possible to connect only two printers at a time. So, you should only connect the printers if they are specified as connected through the Wireless option in your wireless network settings. For setting up the printers, connect both the ports of your Envy onto the same network. On the other hand, the installation process on HP Envy series is quite easy.
  • On the HP Envy series, you can easily connect up to five printers at a time. However, you cannot connect them all at the same time. You will have to shut down the other printers first and then connect the remaining printers. Then open the HP printer configuration utility by clicking on the “Start” button on the desktop. Open the “Printers and Faxes” control panel to check which printers are functioning.
  • You can update the drivers of your HP Envy series by downloading it through the Internet. After the update of the drivers has been completed, you can also install it on the computers that are behind the printers. The installation process for updating drivers can be done either by using the software installed in the computer or by obtaining the updates manually through the USB connection of each printer.
  • You can update the firmware of your HP Envy series either through the manufacturer’s website or the drivers update utility of the printer. Updating the firmware of HP Envy series involves disconnecting the HP Envy, unplugging it and updating the drivers using the former method. On the other hand, in the driver update utility of your printer, locate the appropriate icon and press the mouse to update the drivers. Both methods ensure that the latest firmware version is being installed.
  • You can either do a manual or automatic printer driver download through the various options available. In case you do not find the right option, you should open the printer’s manual to know the steps for downloading a new driver. Once the driver is downloaded, install it on your HP Envy by clicking on the “phies” or “Settings” icon present on the main menu. You can also save the new firmware print file in your desktop by following the step-by-step procedure mentioned in the” Manual” section of your HP Envy’s documentation.

HP Envy 120 Manual PDF format Guide

File PDFsizeDownloads
User Guide2.21 MBHERE
Reference Guide2.34 MBHERE
Setup Poster0.62 MBHERE
  • The last method to install the drivers is to perform the setup after connecting the printer to the computer via USB cable. For this purpose, you can either click print and setup and click print. In case you want to setup the HP Envy series in your computer by using the setup function, click “Setup” and follow the steps. After the whole procedure is completed, you will get the message “Setup Successful”.
  • The last method is by doing a manual installation through a Windows driver CD. This method may require you to install the HP Envy series with a system tray installed in your computer.

For this purpose, you need to click on “Start” button and then press the “Driver Options” option present in the” Control Panel”. Then click “scan now” button to scan the system for drivers. Finally, click “install” button to install all the required devices.

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