HP Deskjet 6940: Fast, Affordable, Easy-To-Use Printer

Information About the HP Deskjet 6940 Printer

HP Deskjet 6940 Printer Specifications provides details regarding this desktop printer’s features. This is one of the new generation printers that are manufactured by the Hewlett Packard Company. It features a wide variety of printing capabilities, which include duplex printing and it also boasts of an impressive document scanning ability.

There are several key features of this printer that you will need to look into to help you determine if it is a suitable purchase for your business.

Firstly, you must determine what kind of documents you are planning to print. The number of pages and types of documents to print can vary depending on your needs. You might only need a limited amount of documents printed at a time. In that case, a basic printer connected to a network would work best.

HP 6940 Printer Connectivity

HP Deskjet 6940
HP Deskjet 6940 Printer

if you need to print a large number of documents then it is wise to consider connecting this printer to a network via a USB port or a parallel port.

Connectivity to a network can be achieved using Wireless Internet or Bluetooth. Wireless Internet will allow the printer to connect to your network without the need for any wires or cables.

With a Bluetooth printer, the printer communicates with the user’s computer through the Bluetooth technology rather than through the wires. You can print from any location that has an available Bluetooth connection.

HP Deskjet 6940 Wireless Connection

The printer also features a fast and easy setup process. You simply plug it in and then make any necessary adjustments. Then you can start printing. A high-speed Wireless connection is provided. There is also an LCD screen that provides you with an overview of all the details, including the resolution and DPI. The print preview function enables you to see how your print would look when finished.

The printer also features an Auto Color Selection. This feature automatically selects colors based on what is closest to what you are trying to print. The printer also features a document search facility.

You can search for documents based on keywords. This feature is very useful when searching for a document that is formatted in a particular way that is difficult to extract from electronic files.

HP Deskjet 6940 Printer Supports

The printer supports a variety of document formats, such as PDF, TIFF, EPS and BMP. If you are familiar with common office software like Microsoft Word or Excel, then this should not be a problem. If not, then you will have to use PDF (Portable Document Format), which is generally compatible with most programs.

You can also open and save files in any of these formats. Some documents can only be opened in one format, which makes printing very easy.

Additional features of the HP Deskjet 6940 include multiple print options, duplex printing, page layering and daylight readable feature. The printer has a fast speed and an automatic page feeder. This feature reduces the time taken by the printer when running. The printer also includes a fast data setup and connection.

HP Deskjet 6940 Advantages

Connectivity is fast, thanks to the USB 2.0 interface that is provided with the printer. You can connect to the printer using a USB cable, FireWire cable or a wireless connection. You can print either in color or black and white. You can also scan and fax documents using the supplied printer.

Like many other brands, the HP Deskjet 6940 has several extra features that can be useful. The integrated scanner offers a variety of functions. It is capable of scanning receipts, and it has a printer built-in copy device.

The copy device can be used to create duplicates of documents and images. This feature is very useful for offices that need to produce paper copies of documents for a variety of purposes.

Key Features HP Deskjet 6940 Printer

For printers that are used frequently in offices, durability is a key factor. The HP Deskjet 6940 has a print tray that is made of rubber, which is quite durable. The print tray does not easily collapse. It also has a coating that protects the moving parts. There is also a warranty for this printer. There are no known issues associated with this model.

When using the HP Deskjet 6940, you should remember that you should never print documents that are black and white. This option was not included in the printer when the product was released. Instead, you should purchase documents that are ready to print.

Even though the price on this printer is slightly higher than others, it is still an affordable printer. This printer offers many features that will be useful for your office. For business people who often print black and white documents, this may be a great choice.

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