HP Deskjet 2541: All The Features And Specifications

HP Deskjet 2541 Printer Specifications

HP Deskjet 2541 is among the latest products from the HP printer range. It is equipped with four laser drivers and one high resolution LED screen. This is one of the latest accessories from the printer line, which enables quick and easy printing of documents. It has a stylish design with its glossy white finish. The HP Deskjet has many key features that make it a great desktop printer.

It can be connected to multiple devices including computers and printers using network or Wi-Fi. It offers fast and reliable printing with automatic document setting options, convenient page rotation and document freeze up. The printer specifications let you know all the features it has.

HP 2541 Printer Design and Features

The HP Deskjet supports both single and multiple users. It has a tray-based configuration for faster loading and larger documents. Ink storage is one of the largest in its class with sixteen, ribbed, black and magenta inks. It uses eighty-eight sheets per cartridge and gives you good print quality. It also has an eco button, which helps to conserve paper and ink when printing.

The print speed is one notch higher than other printers. You can get fast start-ups and stop-down times. The Wireless Technology allows you to connect the printer to other wireless devices without any interruption.

You can easily adjust the print settings and the print speed in accordance with your requirements. There are a six-week battery warranty and an easy-to-follow setup manual.

HP Deskjet 2541 Compatible

HP Deskjet 2541
HP Deskjet 2541 Printer

This is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. The product is offered with a sixty-day guarantee. There are many accessories available with this printer such as the HP Deskjet Wireless Collection, Wireless Printer Card Sets, Wireless Printer Drivers and HP Deskjet USB Card Set.

Maybe You Need: HP Deskjet 2541 Driver

The printer supports multiple languages and you can easily find several languages such as French, German, Korean, English, Italian, Spanish and many more.

HP has designed the desktop printing appliance for corporate environments in order to meet the growing demands of office workers and executives. It offers efficient and speedy performance. You can upload documents and catalogs with the help of the catalogue and edit them instantly with the help of the Print wizards.

The Print Spooler helps in saving your documents for future use and the Print Queue helps in controlling the printing process.

HP Deskjet 2541 Ink Cartridge

HP Deskjet printer performs better with the installation of HP Color LaserJet 4550WZ printer cartridge. It works efficiently and files are loaded quickly in the tray and high quality printing results are achieved. A slide-in tray is available with this desktop printing device and it has a universal voltage adapter so it can be used with different printer brands.

It has an aluminum frame that protects the printer from shocks and vibrations. There are several accessories with this model such as the HP Compatible Ink Cartridge, HP Original Paint Cartridge and the Ink protective films.

HP Deskjet 2541 Connectivity

It enables you to send and receive fax messages through the internet with the help of the internet connection. Some of the printers have the function of sending email and Microsoft Exchange. You can send and receive email messages to and from your desktop computer through this appliance.

If you are looking for good quality and affordable printer specifications then you should consider the HP Deskjet.

This device is perfect for individuals who are working with large volumes of documents. It also comes with a scanner that is capable of scanning various documents and images. You can scan your photographs or documents and then upload them into the HP iPAQ machine.

Key Features HP 2541 printer

The HP Deskjet printer will allow you to fax documents from your computer or you can send the same electronically. This will be very useful if you want to send the documents instantly.

The printer also comes with various other features such as Auto Save function that allows you to store multiple sheets in one shot and automatically reproduce the document when you press the ‘Print’ button. It has also a number of handy functions such as the Document Forwarding buttons that allows you to send a document by e-mail or FTP.

High Definition Scanning Feature

It also has an integrated camera and a digital camera and a high definition scanning feature. It also has a complete Microsoft Office installed that helps you create, edit and view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

The printer has an efficient scanning and printing features. It also has a built-in memory so that you don’t need to refill it often. You can store more than forty thousand pages and four hundred documents in its memory.

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